Lesson 4

YouTube and the Flipped Classroom

Lesson 4 will deal with the creation of the Flipped classroom, the integration of Google Sites and YouTube in your classroom and some discussions on the use of screen casting.

Schedule and Activities For Lesson 4

Here is a video from Ken Robinson.   It has little to do with flipped classroom, it has more to do with how we should ENGAGE students.   Remember the goal of technology is not to wow students but to ENGAGE them.    The video talks about 3 principals that make human beings flourish.

1.  Human beings are naturally diverse, this diversity must be respected.  So your lessons encourage diversity? (Conformity in  education is the standard)

2.  Curiosity.Do your lessons light the spark?  Are you lessons fulfilling learning? (We have a culture of compliance)

3.  Human Life is inherently creative. Do your lessons encourage your students to be creative?  What does creativity look like for you?   (We have a culture of standardization in Ontario)

In his conclusion, he talks about the importance to make your classes/lessons look like the life students recognize. Here is a good opportunity for technology to possibly play a role.


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