Google + (Hangouts and Communities)

Google Hangouts are a feature of Google+. It’s a free video chat service that allows you to talk one-to-one or have a group chats.

Google Hangouts Help

Google+ Communities

How do you create a google plus community for your classroom?  There are many ways to take advantage of communities and any teacher who is familiar with a Learning Management System know that online discussion forums are very powerful in the class.    Google Communities are exactly this an online discussion forum.   The advantage for you classroom is that you can create a topic on a give subject and let students discuss virtually.  One major advantage of this means of communication for the classroom is that it allows all students to have a voice on the topic.   Often inclass discussions do not allow all students the opportunity to express and develop their ideas.    A google Community allows this to happen easily.  By Marc Dubeau

Below is a translated copy that Marc gave on Google Plus at the First Google Summit in Ontario.


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