Lesson 2

In lesson 2 we will be focusing on expanding our knowledge of Google Apps. As a free cloud base resource on the internet, Google Apps is changing the way school teach technology as well as how they integrate technology. With google apps, a web based device such as an Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop is all you need.  The best part?  You do not have to pay for licensing for every single install of a program. This is such a good idea, that Microsoft and Apple have also entered the market trying to offer similar products (but much much later in the game than Google). With this in mind we will focus on providing instruction on how to use google apps.

Please install Google Chrome Browser before the lesson.

What is Google Apps for Education?

Why Google Apps for Education?

Google Drive Tutorial

Chromebooks for Education

Google Classroom

Google Calendar

Set up a class with Google Calendar

What is Google Chrome OS?

Google For Education

Google For Education Training


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