Moving Forward, What should we consider important in Ed Technology?

In this post I have included 4 questions found in Trilling, Bernie, and Charles Fadel. book 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our times.

The goal of the book overall is to try to answer the big question in educational technology.   What are the skills we should be focusing on in the 21st century?   Aside from our areas of specialty, each teacher understands the need to include some modern skills in students learning.   In their intro, to get us to reflect, the authors include 4 basic questions they like to ask when presenting on educational technology. 

The authors ask us to imagine that you have a child, grandchild, a niece or nephew, or a child of friends whom you love and care about deeply, and this child is just starting preschool or kindergarten this year.  Take a minute to visualize this (and for many of us, this may already be a reality!).

To complete this activity, each students individually or in a groups, will create an account at Once you have created the account, you will come up to the main laptop and add your name as a collaborator. You will need to have access to cloud email (an email account you can open in class immediately) click the link after the invitation and begin collaborating on my popplet.   In true Digital Native fashion, you will not receive instructions for this activity (only guidance). To use the program, you must explore, inquire, trouble shoot and collaborate to learn how to make your popplet. We request that you  answer two of the questions (or more time permitting). In each answer, please include both a text answer and some form of media to highlight your answer (example: Picture, video, song). The goal of each answer is to make the viewer think or to make the discussion MOVE forward. Humour is accepted, but make sure it moves the question forward.

Here are the questions from the Book included in our Popplet:

Question #1: What will the world be like twenty or so years from now when your child has left school and is out in the world?

Question #2: What skills will your child need to be successful in this world you have imagined twenty years from now?

Question #3: Now think about your own life and the times when you were really learning, so much and so deeply, that you would call these the “peak learning experiences” of your life.  What were the conditions that made your high-performance learning experiences so powerful?

Before going on to Question #4, look over your answers to the first three questions and think about how most students currently spend their time each day in school. Then consider the final question:

Question #4: What would learning be like if it were designed around your answers to the first three questions?


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