Lesson 1

Introduction to the Course

Welcome to PED 3119 – Integrating Technology into the Classroom. I hope you are ready for your journey into 21st century education. Throughout the course we will be exploring tools, skills and activities to engage our students in their learning.

What is Educational Technology and Why Bother?

20th Century Teacher vs. 21st Century Teacher

Is there a revolution happening in education?

Do your lessons feed your students’ passion?  The question of this class, is :  How can you use technology to engage, encourage creativity and tie into the wealth of knowledge to move your students forward.

A student’s perspective:

Ken Robinson on Creativity and Paradigm Change

Our goal in this blog/course is to provide you with perspective and help introduce you to an array of modern tools and techniques to better equip you to be an engaging and technically competent teacher.

Introduction Presentation

7 Steps for Integrating Technology Article

How to Post Your Discussion Answer, Your Resource Link and Comment On Another Students Post


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