Using Google Sheets / Forms to collect Student Data

Have you ever collected information about students in Google forms into a spreadsheet, but then have a cluttered mess of data to deal with? By using the tabs and a simple formula, you can sort your students into separate tabs and even add conditional formatting to highlight the results. Each individual tab will keep populating with student results as you keep adding to your Google form.

Check out the video!

Hapara Webinar

At the start of December, I had the wonderful opportunity to help facilitate my first webinar. I was asked to speak about Assessment For, As and Of Learning in Ontario and how that can align with Hapara and Google Apps. The webinar is private only to those who are participating in the Hapara Certified Educator course, but my slide deck is posted below.

Google Apps For Education Summit – Ottawa 2015

The Ottawa GAFE Summit is fast approaching this year and once again I am very excited to be presenting two sessions.

In my first session we will explore the explosive power of Hapara Teacher Dashboard. This session will focus on the basic overview of this management tool and how it is currently being used in instructional practice. Participants will learn how they can participate with students directly in their browser to support student collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication.  

In my second session, we will explore the different tools in Google that will allow you to make formative, summative and diagnostic assessment more manageable. Learn about the potential of add-ons in forms, sheets and docs that can help move your classroom into the 21st century.

Doctopus and Goobric

I have been using this wonderful add-on created by Andrew Stillman for years now. Before I had Hapara Teacher Dashboard, this was the script that helped me change the way I teach and also changed the workflow between myself and my students. Last year I created a video for a staff meeting outlining the basics of Doctopus and Goobric. Take a look!

Intermediate Learning Connections

The last two weeks have been the kick-off for this year’s Intermediate Learning Connection at the OCSB.  Across the system, we have been bringing together a group of dynamic teachers, representing each school in the grade 7/8 panel.  The teachers will be working on a project throughout the year to help leverage digital and build technological capacity within their schools. Using the elementary digital deck, teachers were asked to place each app or tool on the spectrum of the SAMR model. A great start to this amazing initiative.

PicMonkey Collage

An Introduction to Google Apps for Education

This week my teacher candidates were introduced to the collaborative world of Google Apps for Education. We focused on the basic suite of Gmail, Drive, Forms, Slides and Calendar. Sylvia Duckworth’s sketch note of GAFE (seen below), sums up nicely the overview of Google Apps For Education.

The GAFE Train

The students had to create a collaborative presentation about 5 Things I Should Know About Google Apps. This is a small sample of their learning.

Class 2

Blogging with Students

As a history teacher, I am always trying to make the past relevant for my students. I ask them to consider not just facts and dates but the overall big ideas that tie history together. Blogging gives them an opportunity to engage and express their own thoughts on the subject matter. It is a great way for the reserved, quiet student to share their voice. If you haven’t tried blogging with your students, Blogger and Edublog is a good place to start. Even if you don’t have students create their own blogs, a class blog is a wonderful space to share ideas.

Happy Blogging!